Governing Council

On Oct 26, our union President Luke Daccord, alongside our unit representatives, addressed the Governing Council of the University of Toronto. The Governing Council serves as the supreme authority overseeing the university’s academic, operational, and student-related matters.

During our presentation, Luke highlighted our upcoming negotiations, emphasizing the fact that “70% or 700 of our members earn less than the $23.15/hr threshold, which constitutes the living wage in the Greater Toronto Area.” FTPT Representative Jude Pereira addressed the pressing issue of contracting out, shedding light on its implications. Similarly, 89 Chestnut Representative Soosai Rajendiram discussed concerns regarding understaffing and the burdens of overwork within our university. Casual Unit Representative Stanley Treivus mentioned how U of T “is using casual work to provide the same service but at a lower cost” and “should commit to equal pay for equal work.”

In addition to our presentation, we also distributed letters to all members of the Governing Council, extending an open invitation for them to connect with us and meet some of our hard-working members. Our aim is to provide them with valuable insights into the nature of our work and the pivotal role we play in maintaining the university’s operations.