Frequently Asked Questions

 Clinical Trial FAQ - Melanoma Research Alliance

Why do I pay union dues?

By paying union dues, members pool their resources together to ensure the protection of the group as a whole while allowing us to bargain for fair wages and benefits (i.e. paid vacation time off, personal days, sick periods, etc.), safe working conditions, and representation through the language in the collective agreement. 

Who negotiates our contracts?

The Bargaining Committee negotiates the contract (our collective agreement) on behalf of the members who are elected at our general membership meetings. The committee is composed of CUPE 3261 members and assisted by the CUPE servicing rep. 

Who approves the new contract?

Our members have the opportunity to attend ratification meetings, ask questions, and vote on approving a new collective agreement.

How do I get involved with the union? 

We encourage all members to get more involved with their union. The best way is to contact our president and ask which opportunities are available. You may be able to become a shop steward, a health and safety representative, join a committee, or even become part of the executive! We also encourage you to come out to our General Membership Meetings held every February, June, and October. 

Why should I get involved with the union? 

Because you are the union! The union is paid for and run by the members of our local. We are very lucky to be unionized, meaning we are protected by the collective agreement. The union serves both a legal and activist role that pushes back against employers, creating a stronger balance between workers’ interests and employer power. Getting involved strengthens the ability of our union to protect workers. Whether it’s by having your concerns heard, having an influence over the collective agreement, or by building our strength in numbers when we mobilize to fight back and protect our interests. Whenever you are booked off, you will always be compensated for your time.

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