June General Membership Meeting + President By-Election Details

Dear members,

Our next General Membership Meeting will be held on Saturday, June 17th. Please note this meeting will be held in-person only. Please see the agenda and details for the presidential by-election below. All CUPE 3261 members are encouraged to attend! 

WHEN: Saturday, June 17, 2023, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

WHERE: Wilson Hall Residence, Room 1016 (40 Willcocks St)

Wilson Hall Residence is part of New College and is located across the Faculty Club. Street parking is available in the surrounding area, and it is also located steps away from the Spadina streetcar line.


  1. Roll call of officers
  2. Reading of the Equality Statement
  3. Reading and approval of minutes of previous meeting
  4. Election for President
  5. Nominations for executive board positions:
    1. Vice President
    2. Secretary-Treasurer
    3. Chief Steward
    4. Health and Safety Officer
    5. Full-Time & Part-Time Unit Rep.
    6. Casual Unit Rep.
    7. U of T Press Unit Rep.
    8. Faculty Club Unit Rep.
    9. 89 Chestnut Unit Rep.
  6. Nomination for trustee
  7. Oaths of office
  8. Treasurer’s Report
  9. Vote on 2023 event budget
  10. Adjournment


If you are considering seeking a nomination, please review Section 8 of the CUPE 3261 By-laws titled “Nomination, Election, and Installation of Officers” for detailed information on the nomination procedure and eligibility. 

If you have any questions about this procedure please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Union office.

By-Election for President 2023

The vote for the By-election for President of our local will take place in person at the regular membership meeting held on June 17th from 10am – Noon at Room 1016 in Wilson Hall Residence at 40 Willcocks Street, Toronto, in accordance with Section 8 of CUPE 3261 Bylaws. You can access the CUPE 3261 Bylaws on our website or arrange to review a physical copy at the union office. You must be present in person at the meeting in order to receive a ballot.

The vote will be by secret ballot. Each candidate will have 5 minutes to make a speech to the members present prior to voting taking place. Speeches and voting will be in alphabetical order based on candidates’ surnames. The following members have been nominated and will appear on the ballot in alphabetical order based on the candidates’ surnames:

✔  Luke Daccord

✔  Kevin McDermott

✔  Edwin Viteri

✔  Tuan Vuong

The CUPE 3261 Elections Committee

Casual Bargaining Unit: Tentative Agreement Reached!

We are thrilled to announce that after months of negotiations, the Casual bargaining committee has reached a tentative agreement (Memorandum of Agreement) with U of T. 

Three ratification meetings will be held on May 18th, and voting will be open from May 18-19.  To see the full tentative agreement, please check your email. If you did not receive the email, let us know by emailing casuals@cupe3261.ca

Your participation is crucial. All casual workers are encouraged to attend one of the three meetings and participate in the vote. Please register for a meeting by clicking one of the links below: 

Notice of Special Membership Meeting

The special membership meeting is CANCELLED.

Dear CUPE 3261 members,

Please be advised that a special membership meeting will be held virtually this Saturday May 6th, 2023, from 10AM – 10:30 AM. During this meeting, we will be voting on a motion put forward by the executive to donate $1000 to CUPE 233 — our counterpart service worker’s union at Toronto Metropolitan University who have been on strike since April 17th. Representing about 110 custodial and maintenance workers, CUPE 233 members are fighting for fair wages and against unjust pension reform. You can check out their website for more info, daily picket line updates, and to see other ways that we can support them.

Saturday May 6th, 2023
10 AM – 10:30 AM

Virtually via Zoom —  check your email for a registration link. Contact info@cupe3261.ca if you did not receive an email.


  1. Roll call of officers
  2. Reading of the equality statement
  3. Motion to donate $1000 to CUPE Local 233
  4. Shop steward update
  5. Adjournment

May Day – International Workers’ Day

May 1 marks International Workers’ Day, a time when workers worldwide reflect on the history of activism and collective power that secured the eight-hour workday. As a union, CUPE recognizes this day in solidarity with millions of workers globally who resist exploitation.

In Canada, workers are part of a broader movement fighting for decent work, safety, dignity, and respect. We demand fair wages, benefits, and pensions, as well as quality public services for all. Unfortunately, there are still serious gaps and inequities in our country, particularly when governments cut funding for public services and prioritize privatization.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only further highlighted the importance of strong public services and the essential role of front-line workers. However, some governments have taken advantage of the crisis to crackdown on human rights and labour movements.

May Day reminds us of the power of international solidarity in the fight for economic justice, racial justice, migrant justice, and climate justice. Together, let us continue to build worker-to-worker connections and work towards a more just and equitable future.

Workers’ Day of Mourning

April 28 is recognized as the National Day of Mourning in Canada. The Day of Mourning was created by CUPE members more than 40 years ago to remember those who lost their lives on the job and to inspire other workers to fight to prevent further tragedies.

This day is a time to remember and honour those who have lost their lives, been injured or suffered illness as a result of their work. It is also an opportunity to renew our commitment to improving workplace health and safety.

On this day, we ask all members to take a moment to reflect and remember those who have been affected by workplace injuries and illness. 

As trade unionists, it is our responsibility to continue this fight. We must ensure that all workers know about the four workers’ rights enshrined in every health and safety law in the country:

  • The right to refuse work you believe is unsafe until an investigation can be carried out;
  • The right to participate in deciding what is safe in the workplace and to report hazards;
  • The right to information on any hazard in the workplace that may cause harm, and how to prevent that harm;
  • The right to be free from reprisal for carrying out any of the other rights or any other requirement of health and safety law.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of the importance of workplace safety and health, and the need for stronger protections for all workers. Let us take a moment to remember those who have been affected by workplace injuries and illness, and renew our commitment to advocating for better working conditions and safer workplaces for all workers.

In solidarity,

CUPE 3261 Executive

Update: Vice-President Appointment

Please be informed that Nancy Tomas has been appointed to fill the vacancy of Vice-President of CUPE 3261 until the next election in October. Nancy has previously served as the Health & Safety officer. The position is now vacant but she will continue to assist in the position’s duties.

Notice of Correction: Bylaw Amendment

Dear CUPE 3261 members,

This is a notice to advise you that there was an error in the counting of votes for the motion to amend bylaws at the last special membership meeting held Saturday, March 18, 2023.

CUPE 3261’s bylaws state that amendments require two-thirds approval of those “present and voting.” Abstentions do not count as votes, but they were incorrectly included in the count at the meeting. Therefore, the motion to amend the bylaws as follows passed with 72% of members voting in favour.

The amendment is:

Full-time and Part Time Unit Negotiating Committee: The Committee shall consist of the President, The Unit Representative and five (5) six (6) other members of the Unit with at least one (1) from Scarborough Campus, and one (1) from Mississauga Campus, and a minimum of one (1) part-time bargaining unit member. 

The amendment will now be sent to the National President’s office for approval as per the CUPE constitution.

Thanks for your patience while we consulted CUPE National to receive clarification that abstentions should not be counted.

Full-Time & Part-Time Bargaining Committee Election Results + Special Meeting Recap

We are pleased to announce that Joe Madden, Robin Baj, and Kevin McDermott have been elected to the FTPT bargaining committee. Habon (Bonnie) Hassan, the runner-up, will serve as an alternate.

The final members of the bargaining committee are as follows:

  • Edwin Viteri (Acting President)
  • Anthony Jude Pereira (FTPT Representative)
  • Joe Madden
  • Kevin McDermott 
  • Robin Baj
  • Chris Tavares (UTSC)
  • Danny Tavares (UTM)
  • Habon (Bonnie) Hassan (alternate)
Thank you to all the candidates for your participation! Your initiative and commitment are greatly appreciated. 

Trustee Election

Congratulations to Renos Manolis who has been acclaimed to the position of Trustee. Trustees are responsible for monitoring the financial activities of our union and serve a three-year term.

Bylaw Amendment Results

The bylaw amendment to add an additional seat to the Full-Time & Part-Time Bargaining Committee that is exclusively reserved for Part-Time members did not pass. The vote failed to meet the required two-thirds (2/3) majority of those present at the meeting. 

Bylaw Committee

During the meeting, we established a new bylaw committee and welcomed volunteers to join. The committee’s purpose is to receive, review, and recommend proposed amendments to our existing bylaws with the goal of improving our rules and regulations. The new members of the bylaw committee are Andrew Chilton, Janny Tram, Nancy Tomas, Robin Baj, Stanley Treivus, and Tuan Vuong. 

Special Membership Meeting – March 18

Please be advised that a Special Membership Meeting will be held on Saturday, March 18, 2023, from 10 AM – 11 AM. During this meeting, we will be electing our Full-Time & Part-Time (FTPT) bargaining committee, nominating and electing a trustee for a three (3) year term, and nominating and electing members for the bylaw committee. To see the list of candidates for the bargaining committee, please see below under “Bargaining Committee Nominations”. 

Meeting Details:
Date: Saturday, March 18th, 2023
Time: 10 AM – 11 AM
Location: Sidney Smith Hall (100 St. George St), Room 1088 and virtually via Zoom

If you are attending virtually, you must register here

The agenda for the meeting is as follows: 

  1. Roll call of officers
  2. Reading of the equality statement
  3. Elections for FTPT Unit Bargaining Committee
  4. Nominations and Elections for Trustee
  5. Establishment and appointment of a By-Law Committee
  6. Approval of bylaw amendment*
  7. Adjournment
*The proposal is to amend 14(b) of the bylaws to state: 

February 25th General Membership Meeting Summary

We had a productive general membership meeting on February 25th and appreciate everyone who made the time to come out. Below is a summary of the meeting: 

Bargaining Committee Nominations 

During the meeting, we held nominations for the Full-time & Part-time (FTPT) bargaining committee. The next round of bargaining for the FTPT collective agreement will begin later this year as the current agreement expires on June 30th, 2023.

The bargaining committee has seven members total (the President and FTPT Representative are default members), with five positions open to the general membership. Of these five positions, one position each is reserved for UTM and UTSC. A total of eight members were nominated for the five available positions. Of the eight members running, there was one nominee from UTSC and one nominee from UTM. As a result, those two nominees are acclaimed. The remaining three positions will be contested by the remaining six nominees in an election. 

The nominees for the three (3) remaining spots in the Full-Time & Part-Time Bargaining Committee are:

  • Habon (Bonnie) Hassan (FT)
  • Joe Madden (FT)
  • Kevin McDermott (FT)
  • Michael Moniz (FT)
  • Nancy Tomas (FT)
  • Robin Baj (PT)

The following members were acclaimed and will not participate in the election:

  • Chris Tavares (UTSC Representative)
  • Danny Tavares (UTM Representative)

The election will be held at our next Special Membership Meeting on March 18, 2023. Each candidate will be given an opportunity to speak at the meeting prior to voting. 

Member Motion to Add Designated Part-Time Spot in FTPT Bargaining Committee

During the meeting, a proposal was put forward to amend the bylaws to add an additional seat to the Full-Time & Part-Time Bargaining Committee that is exclusively reserved for Part-Time members. The membership agreed to the proposal. The next step involves drafting the new bylaw language and bringing it to the membership for a final vote, which requires two-thirds approval. This will be done at the March 18 Special Meeting. If approved, the amendment must then be approved by the CUPE National President before it comes into effect. In addition, we will have to request approval from the employer as the current collective agreement limits the committee to seven seats. 

Nominations for President 

The following members have been nominated for the position of President of CUPE 3261: 

  • Edwin Viteri
  • Kevin McDermot
  • Luke Daccord
  • Tuan Vuong 

The election for President will be held at our June membership meeting. 

Christmas Party + BBQ Budget (June)

During the meeting, a discussion was held regarding the budget for the annual Christmas Party and summer BBQ. Due to cost concerns, a motion was put forward to defer the approval of the Christmas and BBQ budget to our June general membership meeting. This motion was accepted and the rest of the annual budget was approved. 

Nomination and Election of a Trustee

We still have a vacancy for the position of trustee (3-year term). Nominations and elections will be held at our Special Membership Meeting on March 18th. In accordance with our bylaws, all potential nominees for executive and trustee must have attended at least two membership meetings in the last 12 months. 

Nominations and Elections for Bylaw Committee 

The executive is establishing a new Bylaw Committee. The purpose of this committee is to receive, review and recommend proposed amendments to our existing bylaws. Any changes proposed to the bylaws will be brought to the membership for approval. During our last meeting, we were unable to hold nominations for the committee due to a lack of time. As a result, the item has been deferred to the upcoming Special Membership Meeting on March 18th. 

All members are eligible and we encourage anyone interested in improving the rules and regulations of our union to get involved!