Who We Are


CUPE 3261 represents hundreds of service workers all over the University of Toronto’s three campuses, serving more than 100 buildings. 

We represent Building Patrol, Bus Drivers, Utility Drivers and Campus Moving, Campus Mail Workers, Caretakers, Chefs, Sous Chefs, Cooks, and Cafeteria Workers, Elevator Mechanics, Grounds Workers and Landscapers, Laboratory Animal Technicians and Veterinary Technologists, Maintenance Workers and Technicians, Parking Control Officers, Recycling Workers, Sport Facility Operators and Attendants, Stores Technicians, and more!

We envision a university community that offers a world class education in a world class learning environment. Part of what makes a university community strong is top-quality services, delivered by professionals with stable and secure jobs. CUPE 3261 works on behalf of many of the workers that help make the university community strong by standing up for good, stable jobs. The University of Toronto works because we do.


Edwin Viteri
Acting President

Nancy Tomas
Vice President

Luke Daccord
Recording Secretary

Tuan Vong

Wilson Franco 
Chief Steward

Health and Safety Officer

Anthony Pereira
Full Time & Part Time Unit Representative

Stanley Treivus
Casual Unit Representative

Janny Tram
Faculty Club Unit Representative

Chris Stanford
U of T Press Unit Representative

Atalla Savory
89 Chestnut Unit Representative

To contact the union or a member of the executive, see our contact page here


Our trustees are Renos Manolis, Danny Taveres, and Reddy Rose.

Trustees act as internal auditors, and meet at least once a year to review the local’s finances. The primary duty of Trustees is ensure that all union resources (money or assets) are used for legitimate union purposes as authorized by our membership and in accordance with our constitution and bylaws. The secondary function of Trustees is to review the way that the Secretary-Treasurer is doing their job and to suggest ways that the financial affairs of the local might be improved. 


The local periodically hosts training sessions to certify members to become shop stewards. If you are interested in becoming a shop steward for your workplace or campus, we encourage you to contact the union president to learn more. Full-time, part-time, contract, and casual members can all serve as union stewards. 

Chief Steward 

Wilson Franco

Full-Time & Part-Time and Casual Unit Stewards

Wilson Franco

Renos Manolis

Athletics (St. George)
Luke Daccord
Steven Villada
Gabriel Garber (Casual)

Building Patrol
Kevin McDermott

Facilities & Service Caretaking

Nancy Tomas

New College
Mariana Cassar

University College
Anthony Pereira

UTSC Food and Beverage 
Jacob Temple (Casual)

89 Chestnut

Raymond Chung
Malcolm Exdol

Faculty Club

Tuan Vuong

U of T Press

Koffler Centre
Romualdo DeRamos

North York Warehouse
Chris Stanford


Union committees are groups of union members who come together to work on specific issues or areas of interest within our union. 

CUPE 3261 has several committees at the moment, including the Communications Committee, Social Committee, Contracting Out Committee, Health & Safety Committee, and Bylaw Committee. Members of the committee are generally appointed by the executive or recruited during membership meetings. If you believe you are a good fit for a committee and are interested in joining, please contact us at info@cupe3261.ca