Update: CUPE Convention, Bylaw Amendments, and More

2023 CUPE Convention Delegates

The 2023 CUPE National Convention will be held from October 23-27, 2023 in Quebec City. CUPE‘s National Convention is the union’s supreme decision-making body and is held every two years. Delegates participate in setting the union’s priorities, deciding its policies, and electing its leaders. During our last Special Membership Meeting, we elected five delegates to represent our local at the convention. The elected delegates are:

  • Chris Stanford
  • Chris Tavares
  • Joe Madden
  • Kevin McDermott
  • Nancy Tomas 

Bylaw Amendment

During the last Special Membership meeting, the membership approved the bylaw amendments to our election process. The amendment has been submitted to CUPE National who must approve it before it comes into effect. 

The amendment will change how we elect union officers. Instead of being elected at a membership meeting, all members will have a chance to vote for officers electronically over a five-day period. A run-off vote will be limited to the top two contenders, and members can only run for one position at a time. 

You can review the finalized amendment language here

Casual Unit 

On July 19th, we held a casual unit meeting to elect the casual unit bargaining committee. We are pleased to announce the following members have been elected to the committee: 

  • Shayan Malik
  • Roy Su
  • Tawfiq Nasim
  • Marie James (alternate)

Default members of the committee also include Stanley Treivus (Casual Unit Representative) and the President, Luke Daccord. 

89 Chestnut Tentative Agreement Ratified

We are pleased to announce our 89 Chestnut Unit reached a tentative agreement with the employer, which was approved by the membership on July 25th. The new agreement is primarily retroactive and in effect until the end of this year. The agreement can be viewed under Collective Agreements in the Resources tab.