Notice of Special Membership Meeting – July 15

Special Membership Meeting – Saturday, July 15

We will be holding a Special Membership Meeting this Saturday (July 15th) from 10 AM – 11 AM virtually via Zoom. During the meeting, we will be voting on the final bylaw amendment language for our elections process as well as electing five delegates for the National CUPE Convention. See below for the agenda and for more details.

If you were unable to attend the previous meeting, you can view the presentation slides providing a summary of the bylaw proposal here. The complete bylaw language to be voted on can be viewed here
In order to join the meeting you must register in advance: Register Here
  1. CUPE National Convention: Election of Delegates
  2. Approval of Elections Bylaw Amendment

Agenda Details

Bylaw amendment proposal
During the last Special Membership Meeting held on July 8th, the membership unanimously approved a proposal to amend the election procedure in the bylaws, and gave notice to hold a second Special Membership Meeting on July 15th for final approval of completed language. As per CUPE 3261’s bylaws on amendments, this second meeting will require a 2/3 majority of those present and voting in order for the amendment to pass.

 The proposal recommended the following changes: 

  • Elections will be conducted electronically (using a secure third-party software) in the style of a referendum. Instead of electing officers at a meeting, a one-week voting period will be held where every member will receive an electronic ballot via email.
  • Electronic voting stations to assist members who prefer to vote in-person will also be set up at each campus — as well as 89 Chestnut and the Press warehouse in North York — for at least one day
  • Elections will start two weeks prior to the October General Membership Meeting. In the event of a run-off, an election with the top two candidates will be held in the following week. 
  • To prevent complications with voting, members will only be permitted to run for one position only
  • In case of any disputes, candidates can request recounts and review the results and receipts of the electronic voting with the Returning Officer

A 2/3 majority of those present and voting are required for the amendment to be approved. 

Nominations for 5 delegates to CUPE’s national convention in October
CUPE’s national convention is the union’s supreme decision-making body, and is held every two years. Delegates participate in setting the union’s priorities, deciding its policies, and electing its leaders. This year’s convention is being held in Quebec City this October. During our last special meeting, nine members were nominated to serve as delegates to the conference. An election will be held during the July 15th meeting to determine the five candidates.

The candidates are:

  • Joe Madden
  • Kevin McDermott
  • Mike Moniz
  • Atalla Savory
  • Chris Stanford
  • Chris Tavares
  • Nancy Tomas
  • Edwin Viteri

Each candidate will be invited to provide a brief two-minute statement in support of their nomination.