St. George BBQ Raffle Winners!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the St. George BBQ on Friday! We hope you enjoyed the delicious buffet prepared by our own members at the Faculty Cub, and we also hope you’ve kept your raffle tickets…

The three $100 gift card winners are tickets #5259985, #5259968, and #5260058.

If you have one of these tickets, please get in touch with Allan James in order to arrange a time for you to come by the union office to claim your prize. Don’t forget to bring your ticket!

CUPE 3903 Rally – July 17th and 18th!

As you read this, CUPE 3903 — teaching and graduate assistants at York University  — are still on strike, making their strike the longest post-secondary strike in Canadian history.

Earlier this week, the new Conservative government released its “Top Legislative Priorities for Upcoming Sitting” and the first item on the list is taking away rights from education workers at York University by tabling back-to-work legislation.

CUPE 3903 is holding Days of Action at Queen’s Park this upcoming Tuesday & Wednesday and invites support and solidarity. We urge any members who are able to join the picket lines at Queen’s Park to support our brothers and sisters.

When: Tuesday, July 17 & Wednesday, July 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Where: Queen’s Park

Show your solidarity with these workers, and fight for workers’ rights in Ontario!

Do Doug Ford’s tax cuts beat a $15 minimum wage?

Spoilers: No, they don’t!

It turns out that those making less than $30,000/year who would be benefiting from Ford’s proposed income tax cut pay on average only $485 in taxes a year, while the difference between a $14 and $15 wage equates to almost $2,000/year in extra income.

And thats not the only reason why Ford’s tax plan – and his promise to freeze the minimum wage at $14 – doesn’t make sense. Check out this short post from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ blog Behind the Numbers for all the details – and don’t stop fighting for $15!