Full-Time & Part-Time Bargaining Committee Election Results + Special Meeting Recap

We are pleased to announce that Joe Madden, Robin Baj, and Kevin McDermott have been elected to the FTPT bargaining committee. Habon (Bonnie) Hassan, the runner-up, will serve as an alternate.

The final members of the bargaining committee are as follows:

  • Edwin Viteri (Acting President)
  • Anthony Jude Pereira (FTPT Representative)
  • Joe Madden
  • Kevin McDermott 
  • Robin Baj
  • Chris Tavares (UTSC)
  • Danny Tavares (UTM)
  • Habon (Bonnie) Hassan (alternate)
Thank you to all the candidates for your participation! Your initiative and commitment are greatly appreciated. 

Trustee Election

Congratulations to Renos Manolis who has been acclaimed to the position of Trustee. Trustees are responsible for monitoring the financial activities of our union and serve a three-year term.

Bylaw Amendment Results

The bylaw amendment to add an additional seat to the Full-Time & Part-Time Bargaining Committee that is exclusively reserved for Part-Time members did not pass. The vote failed to meet the required two-thirds (2/3) majority of those present at the meeting. 

Bylaw Committee

During the meeting, we established a new bylaw committee and welcomed volunteers to join. The committee’s purpose is to receive, review, and recommend proposed amendments to our existing bylaws with the goal of improving our rules and regulations. The new members of the bylaw committee are Andrew Chilton, Janny Tram, Nancy Tomas, Robin Baj, Stanley Treivus, and Tuan Vuong.