FTPT Tentative Agreement Summary

A summary of the FTPT Unit’s recent tentative agreement, along with the entire document, was emailed to all FTPT members on Saturday November 20th. If you did not receive this email, or would prefer to review the documents in person at the union office, please reach out to info@cupe3261.ca.

We encourage all members to review the summary and attend one of the ratification meetings which are taking place at all three campuses between Tuesday November 22nd and Thursday November 24th (see our calendar). At these meetings, your Negotiating Committee will present the details of the Tentative Agreement and be available to take questions. A vote on whether to approve (ratify) the tentative agreement will be held at the end of each meeting, and the results of these votes will be announced on Friday November 26th.

As a reminder: If you are working during one of these meeting times, the University has agreed to allow members to attend a ratification meeting with no loss of pay. If you are not scheduled for work during the meeting times on your campus you are free (and encouraged) to attend whichever meeting time you wish, and at any campus.