Standing Up Against Racial Injustice

CUPE 3261 stands in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour across Canada and the United States. As we’ve seen in the last week, millions of people have stood up to say enough is enough. Racial discrimination and police brutality are nothing new. These are issues that have been raised time after time for decades – yet little change has been made. 

In the US, we watched and continue to watch in horror as innocent black people are brutally murdered, from George Floyd, to Breonna Taylor, to Ahmaud Arbery, and in recent days, Jamel Floyd, Sean Monterrosa, and the life threatening attack on activist Justin Howell. 

Canada is not immune. The recent deaths of Regis Korchinski-Paquet in Toronto, Jason Collins and Eishia Husdon in Winnipeg, D’Andre Campbell in Brampton, and countless others across Canada shows that we cannot be silent. We have to stand together against white supremacy, demand police accountability, and fight for racial justice. 

We must end racial profiling and the over-policing and incarceration of Black, Brown and Indigenous people. We must demand an independent inquiry into the death of Regis Korchisnki-Paquet. We must hold the police accountable for their actions. We must defund the police and invest in social services, education, housing and end economic insecurity. We can’t keep sitting on the sidelines.

Pretty words are not enough. We, together as a society, must do more. We need to support our black brothers and sisters. We must hold difficult conversations with our family and friends. We must demand concrete action from our politicians. We must confront systemic racism and the oppression it enables. And we must always be listening, learning, and reflecting. 

Silence is not an option.


If you are able, please consider donating. Donations provide material support to organizations doing important work, and can make a huge difference. CUPE 3261 will also be donating $200 to Black Lives Matter Toronto to support the amazing work they are doing. (Higher donations require membership approval, but we hope to bring it up in the next GMM)


Find out more how you can help black folks and support anti-racist initiatives by visiting


and if you want advice on how to have a conversation, please consult this article:

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