COVID-19 Update – April 7, 2020

April 7th 2020.

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all staff of CUPE 3261– who are making sacrifices to support the COVID-19 coronavirus fight. You are our heroes.

The Union have been actively engaging with the employer, to deliver the latest information to our members.

There have been questions on Employees who fill out the COVID/Illness Declaration Form, and the extension on the Pay Continuity which goes to April 30th, 2020.

The Employer has indicated on a revaluation on our current situation and will inform staff accordingly after the April 30th deadline expires.

Members have indicated there was a deleting of two options on the current form:

  • Immunocompromised Self Isolation.
  • Those impacted by COVID School or Daycare Closures.

Management has confirmed that nothing has changed, and members should continue to talk to their manager and Supervisors to access a) COVID sick leave, b) COVID self-isolation, c) COVID childcare, d) COVID immunocompromised.

The process remains the same, i.e. the work from home arrangements and all other issues, including sick leave, quarantine and/or self isolation, childcare, etc., are to be discussed with the employee’s manager. The form is not and never has been a substitute for the discussion with the employee’s manager in respect of the employee’s status, so nothing material has changed, just the format of the form.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, resulting in the closure of on-campus activities, Transportation Services will suspend parking charges for the month of April 2020. Going forward, you will also not be charged for any subsequent months the closure remains in effect. Parking fees will be reinstated once all on-campus activities resume.  

Important: Regardless of your method of payment, should you wish to permanently cancel your permit, you must electronically submit a completed cancellation form. There are no exceptions.

Together, we can get through this. My appreciation and gratitude to all members knowing how much our union value your service and commitment.

Take Care and Stay Safe!

Allan James

President CUPE 3261