Important Pension Information

Hello members! There are extremely important pension changes coming. Over the past few years, the University of Toronto has been working with the University of Guelph and Queens to create the “University Pension Plan” or UPP — a multi-employer pension plan to replace our current pension plan. This has many implications on all members in the pension plan, and we ask that you read the materials below to get informed, and be ready to vote on the changes!

All the important information you need to know can be found in the links below.

  • Please begin by reading our introductory Pension Brochure here
  • See the side-by-side UofT and UPP Comparison handout here.
  • See the Memorandum of Agreement signed between the union and University here.
    • 89 Chestnut has their own agreement which can be found here. The two documents are essentially the same except for a difference in dates which correspond to 89 Chestnut’s collective agreement.
  • See our point-form summary of the Memorandum of Agreement here

Information and voting sessions will be taking place — on work time — at all three campuses. See this post for all the details.