General Membership Meeting – June 26th

Our next General Membership Meeting (GMM) is happening this Saturday from 10AM-12PM. We encourage all CUPE members to join! If you are interested in getting involved with the union, coming to a GMM is the best way to start. 

During this meeting, we will be giving an update on the union’s activities, a financial report,  nominations for nine positions, and will discuss any other concerns or issues members may have. The following positions are up for election: 

  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Chief Steward
  • Health and Safety Officer
  • 89 Chestnut Representative
  • Faculty Club Representative
  • Full-Time/Part-Time Representative
  • UofT Press Representative
  • Casual Unit Representative

Nominations will be held at the meeting. If a position is contested (more than two people), a formal election will be held at the next GMM in October. To learn more about the positions, please consult our bylaws here

Here is the final agenda for the meeting: 

  1. Roll call of officers
  2. Reading of the Equality Statement
  3. Reading and approval of minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Treasurer’s report and approving expenditures
  5. Executive Board report
  6. Nominations for: 9 Positions Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, 89 Chestnut Rep, Faculty Club Rep, Health and safety officer, Full Time/ Part Time Rep, UofT press Unit Rep, Casual Unit Rep, Chief Steward 
  7. Unfinished business 
  8. New Business


The meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. The link can be found here at the bottom of the email. 

Hope to see you there! Let us know if you have any questions.