General Membership Meeting + Supporting Nick Cowan

General Membership Meeting

This is a reminder that the next General Membership Meeting is coming up very soon! On Saturday, June 23rd from 10AM to 12PM we will be meeting in room 1001 of the Sanford Fleming Building (10 Kings College Road), onSt. George campus. During this meeting, we will be holding nominations for the position of President and Recording Secretary, as well as proposing new amendments to our bylaws, and providing an update on new developments and outstanding issues within our Local.

Supporting Nick Cowan

In addition, we would also like to share with you a fundraising page for Nick Cowan, a fellow CUPE 3261 member from UofT Scarbrough who has been battling pancreatic cancer for 1.5+ years. With limited treatment options remaining in Canada, Nick and his wife Elyse are now beginning to explore options in the United States. Please consider helping to support them in order to reduce the cost of medical and travel expenses, as well as alleviate external stressors for them during this time.

A motion will also be put forward at the membership meeting next week for the Local to donate $1000 to the Cowans.