Who We Are


CUPE 3261 represents service workers all over the University of Toronto’s three campuses, and across hundreds of buildings.

We represent Building Patrol, Bus Drivers, Utility Drivers and Campus Moving, Campus Mail Workers, Caretakers, Chefs, Sous Chefs, Cooks, and Cafeteria Workers, Elevator Mechanics, Grounds Workers and Landscapers, Laboratory Animal Technicians and Veterinary Technologists, Maintenance Workers and Technicians, Parking Control Officers, Recycling Workers, Sport Facility Operators and Attendants, Stores Technicians, and more!

Health and Safety Committee

Nancy Tomas
Health and Safety Officer

UTM Representative

Kwame Bloomfield
UTSC Representative

Pete Genouzos
UTSC Representative

The Health and Safety Committee meets to discuss issues arising from Joint Health and Safety Meetings and all concerns brought forward by bargaining unit members. Do not hesitate to contact the representative in your area, or the Health and Safety Officer directly if you have any health and safety concerns in your workplace.

It is also worth noting that the Ontario Ministry of Labour has toll-free number — 1-877-202-0008 — which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Anyone, anywhere in Ontario can call this number to report a workplace health and safety incident, unsafe work practice, critical injury, fatality or work refusal. The public can also call that number if they suspect unsafe work practices or for general inquiries.



Allan James

David Vieira
Vice President

Luke Daccord
Recording Secretary

Tuan Vong

Patty Varvouletos
Chief Steward

Nancy Tomas
Health and Safety Officer

Edwin Viteri
Full Time & Part Time Unit Representative

Stanley Treivus
Casual Unit Representative

Susan Kim
Faculty Club Unit Representative

Fernando Ogorek
U of T Press Unit Representative

Soosainathar Rajendiram
89 Chestnut


Our trustee’s are Marcos Solorzano, Kwame Bloomfield and Andrew Chilton.

Trustees act as internal auditors, and meet about twice a year to review the local’s finances. The primary duty of Trustees is to uncover any fraud or misuse of union funds. The secondary function of Trustees is to review the way that the Secretary-Treasurer is doing his or her job and to suggest ways that the financial affairs of the local could be improved. 

Communications Committee

David Viera (Chair), Stanley Treivus, and Luke Daccord form the Communications Committee. This committee meets on a semi-regular basis and produces all communications (newsletters, bargaining bulletins, emails, website updates, and more) for the Union. If you have any input about what the Communications Committee can improve on, or suggestions for future newsletter content, please feel free to contact the committee chair, David Viera, at dvieira.cupe3261@hotmail.com.



Chief Steward and Shop Stewards

The local periodically hosts training sessions to certify members to become shop stewards. If you are interested in becoming a shop steward for your workplace or campus, we encourage you to contact the union president to learn more. Full-time, part-time, contract, and casual members can all serve as union stewards. 

Chief Steward

Patty Varvouletos

Shop Stewards


Larry Newman

Luke Daccord

Building Patrol
John Corbin
Kevin McDermott

Campus Mail
Patty Varvouletos

Facilities & Service Caretaking
Carlos De Sousa
Cristian Duran
Crystal Macforlane
Anthony Pereira
Edwin Viteri

Food Services
Regina Da Silva
Eugenia Geka
Stefanie Kennedy
Jacqueline Lepe

Faculty Club
Tuan Vuong

Hart House
Marcos F Solorzano

Nancy Tomas

New College
Rose Jankowsi

Ian Hutson

David Vieira

U of T Bookstore
Glen Moorhouse

U of T Press
Fernando Ogorek

UC Food Service
Andrew Chilton
Stanley Treivus (Casual)